Guest Information

Dress code, etiquette and more

TPC Craig Ranch Guest Information

All members and their guests are permitted to wear attire including but not limited to collared shirts, dress denim, slacks or Bermuda style shorts in the clubhouse. Denim is not permitted on the practice facility or golf course.

Apparel must be neat and clean; torn or distressed styles are not appropriate. Bathing, tennis, running or other sports attire, t-shirts, gym shorts, tank tops, halter tops, mesh shorts, cut-offs, short-shorts, and other similar dress styles are also considered to be inappropriate for the clubhouse. Please note that any member and/or guest not appropriately attired will be refused access from playing the golf course and/or using the club’s facilities until properly attired. Additionally, we request that all members and their guests please remove ball caps when entering any and all dining areas.

Pace of Play
Please be prepared to play in four hours or less. Some ways to ensure this is to be prepared to play at all times, carry an extra ball, and feel free to play ready golf. Please remember to rake your bunkers and repair your divots. Repair ball marks and prepare to putt while others are putting. In an effort to maximize the enjoyment of your round, the starter will recommend a set of tees based on your playing ability; we strongly encourage you to follow his or her recommendation.

Young Adults
We of course welcome the children of our members and guests to the clubhouse at all times, and require the parents’ efforts and attention to their children’s actions, respect and overall behavior throughout the clubhouse.

Metal Spike Alternative

The TPC Network has discontinued the use of metal spikes for daily play for all members and guests. Golfers will be required to use metal spike alternatives when playing TPC Craig Ranch. For those who have metal spikes, soft spikes will be available in the locker room or golf shop for a nominal fee.

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