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Heathlands Course


Heathlands Golf Course

A Classic Links Layout

Opened in 1992, the Heathlands Course harkens back to golf’s beginnings and the dune-swept hills of traditional Scottish links. Once the carefully-guarded secret of local aficionados, the course has become a favorite of those seeking a traditional golf experience and a stirring challenge that pays homage to the simple-yet-brilliant creativity of classic golf design.

The course recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and with it, a quarter century of treasured memories and unforgettable rounds from those who now hold an affinity for Heathlands as one of Canada’s most classic golf experiences.

Test Your Game

The Heathlands course’s wispy fescue dunes and neatly-dispersed bunkers portray a pleasant appearance that appeals to the sensibilities of nearly every golfer. But beneath the welcoming veneer lies a test of golf that challenges a player to think their way creatively from tee to green and rely on all of one’s faculties to score well.

Known above its Osprey Valley sister courses as one of the truest tests of golf in Ontario,  the Heathlands course employs an array of feeder slopes, pot bunkers, backstops and winding fairways, rewarding shots that employ the features of what many consider to be one of architect Doug Carrick’s finest designs.

That’s the thing about the Heathlands, and also the Hoot and the North. They make you want to come back for more golf.

– Lorne Rubenstein

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