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Golf Course

A Rees Jones-

Golf Course at TPC Danzante Bay

Master architect Rees Jones let the stunning landscape shape the golf course at TPC Danzante Bay into a marvel to challenge players of all abilities. Winding through beach, cliff, and canyon holes, each round reveals the genius of its creator while flaunting incredible views. The 17th hole, perched high above the Sea of Cortez, is already being called one of the iconic holes in all the game.

Like all memorable courses, TPC Danzante Bay showcases a diverse array of golf holes that build in drama and interest as the round progresses. The multi-themed layout takes players through a variety of settings, including valleys, arroyos, dunes, and foothills. Holes feature panoramic views of the sea, the mountains, and the surrounding Islands of Loreto, a national park. In many ways, the course pays homage to how golf originated – at the place where the land meets the sea.

One of the prime appeals of the course is its diverse environment. According to senior designer Steve Weisser of Rees Jones Inc., the layout is an unusual topographic blend of desert, mountain, and dunes, with 250 feet of elevation change along the way. Four holes are stitched across a valley due inland from the hotel while three holes are carved into rolling sand dunes along the beachfront.