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Hero’s Alley | No. 3

A unique feature at TPC Colorado are the risk-reward options the golfer encounters. Hole No. 3 allows the

golfer to make the choice between an iron or hybrid into the fairway that is protected by three (3) stacked

sod bunkers. The further the golfer lays back, the more generous the fairway becomes. The golfer also has

the option to take the hypotenuse and go for the green. This will require a quality tee shot and big carry over

the water. Hence the risk and reward.

Revelation | No. 8

A beautiful Par 3 nestled in the only tree grove on the entire golf course. Tee shots that carry over the

treeline can be affected by the Colorado winds. Controlled trajectory tee shots that stay under the treeline

will be protected by the security of the trees. This will be a hole you must hit the putting surface, or the

golfer will find the water given the green is on a peninsula protected by water left, right, and long.

Longer Still | No. 13

773 yards from the TOUR tee, hole No. 13 at TPC Colorado is one of the longest holes in North America

and the longest Par 5 on any PGA TOUR course. It requires a blistering tee shot! Golfers then will make the

decision to go-deep with a fairway metal over the 108-yard “Hell Bunker” that protects the left side of the

fairway, or the golfer can lay up short of the massive bunker and simply leave a longer shot for their third

into the green. Par is a great score on this behemoth of a golf hole. Longer Still…

Center Stage | No. 16

The most breathtaking of the memorable Par 3’s, hole No. 16 named Center Stage is built stadium-style to

gather the crowd. This short, downhill Par 3 measures no more than 140 yards, however, is deceptively

challenging as the two (2) stack sod bunkers will collect any shots that end up short of the putting surface;

two (2) additional bunkers protect against anything long, creating challenging bunker shots back the

green. The ball will hang in the air here for a long time with the elevated teeing area. The golfer must

control their trajectory to hit this green. And once you’re there, the spine in the middle of the putting green

can make for some challenging putts requiring precision, speed and green reading ability. This hole is

breathtaking with views of Welch and McNeil reservoirs and unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains.

Center Stage will become one of the most photographed holes in golf.