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PGA TOUR Player Quotes

PGA TOUR Player-Approved

Player Quotes on TPC Sawgrass

JUSTIN THOMAS: “I’m excited just to — I mean, any time you’re here at THE PLAYERS, it’s a big deal. It’s obviously a huge event. To me THE PLAYERS is the PLAYERS, it’s such a huge event everybody knows it’s a huge event, everybody knows it’s a major, it’s, I don’t think can you go wrong calling it one or not calling it one, THE PLAYERS is THE PLAYERS. There’s every person in this field would be very, very content with holding the trophy at the end of the week.”

JASON DAY: “When you come to an event like this and you’re playing in a tournament on a large scale, it feels like a major. I think the PGA TOUR and THE PLAYERS would like it a major, especially Tiger. I think he would like it. Add to his major list. t feels like a major with all the grandstands and the way that things are set up now and the way when you walk around the golf course you see the marquee tents, the way that things are done, and the people that come out to this event, it’s a bigger event. Hopefully fingers crossed one day that it becomes a major because it has that feel and it’s got a lot of history behind it, and that’s the good thing about playing at a golf course every single year, the same golf course, is that there’s a lot of history and people can remember certain golf shots that people have hit over the past. ”

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I think the golf course is great. It’s in the best shape I’ve ever seen it. The greens are perfect, fairways are perfect. You know, the few changes they made I thought are really good. You know, 12 obviously is a lot different, but I like the fact that it gives you more options than before…Now you’ve got some options. You can think about if you want to go for it or if you want to lay it up, so I thought that’s really good changes.

JORDAN SPEITH: “I feel great being back here. I always look forward to THE PLAYERS Championship. We all approach it as if it’s a Major Championship. It’s our championship. It’s really cool and on such an incredible golf course, one of the best in the world, one of my favorite in the world.”

ADAM SCOTT: ” I’ve always loved this golf course. I think it’s an amazing tournament venue. For most guys, we’ve — I’m treating it like a major, and it certainly has a really, really high level of importance for us. If I can think back 15 years, like the sense of achievement winning THE PLAYERS, what that feels like to beat such a strong field on a very demanding golf course.”

TIGER WOODS: “It’s a very simple formula here: Hit it good. The golf course is one that Pete has set up to intimidate you visually. You have to overcome that part of it. And no, you can’t really play poorly and win this event. I think we all have to accept that you’re going to hit good shots, too, as well, and going to get some weird hops, get some really, really funky lies, whether it’s off the fairway or around the greens. Stuff where you’re standing on your head and hitting shots, which is not normal, but on a Pete Dye course, it is.”