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Player Quotes on TPC Deere Run

JORDAN SPIETH: “The course is awesome.  It’s one of the most underrated, I think, TPC courses.  I’ve played probably four or five TPC courses.  It’s one of my favorites.”

ZACH JOHNSON: “This place is a highlight every year on my calendar, on my schedule, for a number of reasons. I love the golf course. That goes without saying. I love the people, being a part of this company, an ambassador of this John Deere tournament, and on the board of the tournament.”

CHARLES HOWELL: “I love the golf course. I’ve always thought of all the golf courses on the TPC rotation, this is one the top three of the entire network. I just think every single hole out here is great. Players speak highly of the golf course. You never hear a complaint or anything about it.”

NICHOLAS THOMPSON: “They’ve done a great job with the golf course and it’s in perfect condition.”

STEVE STRICKER: “It’s in great shape, though, and the greens are pure. So if you can get it on the greens, you know you’ve got a good — they’re a good speed to make them.”

CHAD CAMPBELL: “Yeah, just kind of visually I just really like the golf course. A lot of shots I just really like. It’s always in such a good condition. Such a fun event.”

LUCAS GLOVER: “It’s a great course, and it’s in absolutely perfect shape, which is why the scores are so low.  The greens are perfect.  The fairways are perfect.  The golf course is immaculate.”