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Playing there Saturday. Can’t wait

Nice swing, Schmetty! 🏌️‍♀️

I had that flexibility 10 years ago.. lol.

THE PLAYERS is underway! We would like to wish a quick good luck to all the staff and volunteers working at TPC Sawgrass this week!Image attachment
How would you play the 170 yard par 3 6th hole out on The Champions Course with this tricky pin placement? ⛳️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️


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First a beer, then a triple boegy.

8 Iron.... “It’s in the hole!”

I believe the pin was in that location and I took too much club and I actually only 2 putted. I'm used to playing unglayted greens from WI

4 hybrid left center of green to roll to hole then one putt birdie 👏 But reality 4 hybrid off the toe right short of green into desert. Blade chip over the green. Chip on. Two putt 5😩. Here comes the beverage cart - yes ⛳️🏌️🤦‍♂️😎


I have played it, 6 iron center on the green

Tpc Scottsdale how fast are the greens rolling?

Five iron into the cactuses, three whack fucks to the green, and six putts for a solid 10.

Smooth 8 iron and a solid 3 putt

5 iron to the middle of the green..then pray the putt goes in

I'd play it by requesting a stand-in named Justin Thomas to hit the shot for me 😁

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Nice work Rob!

Question of the day for everyone!! You are 250 yards out on hole 9 on The Champions Course. With water on left and desert on the right. What are you going to do??🧐


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It use to be a 3 wood now I can't hit my driver 250, still love the game of golf!

Arccos tells me percentages to hit 7 iron 160 and 58 degree 90 in for birdie!

Drink a few beers then triple bogey the hole. 🤣🍺

Hit 2 full lob wedges to lay up 40 yards short.....chunk a pitch and then 4 putt from 80ft........take an 8 and move question.

Go for it and probably make bogey

Have my caddie hold my beer then I'll Aim at the apartments and play a draw.

Hit my 4 hybrid 3 times. Hit my lob wedge to green. 3 put from 40 feet, take my 8 ... buy tons of beer at the turn and move on to number 10 !!! I LOVE 🏌️‍♀️GOLF !!!

Look for the Cart Girl

Knockdown 4 iron and let it run to the back

Probably top it with a rescue while taking a hero swing

I get out Old Reliable (3 hybrid). Then pitch up, a few putts, and order a round of beverages at the turn.

Go big or go home. Simple as that.

Easy 3 wood baby fade 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

3 Metal and go for it...Phil Mickelson would...

Smash 3 wood and hope/pray

The one time I played there ,the ground was hard as a rock, so probably roll a 3 iron onto the green...

Straight into the water

Grip it & Rip it, because we didn't come to see the Babe bunt {^

Low Four iron with a draw off the cart path.

4 hybrid, 56 degree wedge, one putt birdie. Thanks for coming, pick up your loot bags at the door 🏌️‍♂️⛳️😎

Take out my trusty 6 iron and hit it about 160 then hit a knockdown gap wedge to cover the rest.

In Oct I laidback, hit approach to within 15 feet and got lucky and made the putt. I’ll use that strategy every time.

I’m going to sit on my patio (end unit on the left) and watch the hacks hit it in the water all day long!

Visit the beverage cart.

Snaphook into the lake.

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