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#MondayMoves You have 140 out on hole 2 on The Stadium Course downhill lie, into the wind, back pin location, and long is not good at all! How would you play this shot?πŸ€”


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Stay with my 140 yard club (PW) and play the ball off my back foot. Wind and downhill lie should cancel each other out.

I’d hit a 9 or 8 iron depending on the wind. If it rolls out and gets close great. If not I’m two putting for my par.

I would shank an 8 iron into the trees, chip out on the green and 3 putt.

Punch 9 iron to front of green and let it release back

I'd 30 putt it

Probably hole it!

Hit an 8 iron high into the wind and hope it lands close to the pin...

Knock down 9 iron if the Wind is 15-20. Try an 8 if any stronger

PW, full swing, center of the green.

Going into the wind I would use a wedge and throw it right at the pin.

duff the sunuva... like up a pw and 2 putt... ahhh, beer cart plz

Low 3/4 8i, smooth it to the center of the green, let it release back.

I'd hit it in the air and it would come down right in the hole. Simple!

Draw nine, roll to pin.

9iron to middle and let it run out to back of green!!!!

Fade in a high 9 and watch it run toward the pin

One of the few on the Stadium Course where you can run it up there. I'd go that route.

Knockdown 9 iron

8 in half iron. Absolutely love the new 1/2 club designs.

It probably took me 2 shots to get there but I'd pull out my trusty 7 iron and chunk it short then use my pitching wedge and hit it over the green and roll down to just before the cartpath. To pull myself together I'd chug a Bud Light then chip on and three put for a snowman!

play the number or slightly under it.

First I'd bet my partner lunch--whoever gets closest to...then I'd grab my 6 iron.. no my ...wait..how many mph is the wind? a one club wind? two club wind? lol well ok i'd use my 7 wood and choke down on it … and then grab the putter :D

Full 8 iron then hope to be dancing πŸ•Ί

“Into the wind” is a little vague... we talking 5mph or 30mph?

Depends on the value if the wind at the flag stick but chances are I play it easy at 150 club or a 140 club and rub a little funk on it

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Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers around the world!πŸ’πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒ·Image attachment
#NationalTeacherAppreciationDay We would like to recognized two incredible golf instructors that continue to   make an impact not only here at TPC Scottsdale but on the PGA and LPGA Tour as well! Rob and Natalie had two students finish 2nd in last weeks PGA and LPGA Tour events! Keep up the fantastic work!Image attachmentImage attachment
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Dena Miller Spar

Rod Wynn if you ever take up golf..

Scott Ragland

Just picked me up a pair over the weekend at Oak Tree Country Club ! Got lucky and they still had a 10.5! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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