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lantana spa & fitness center

at the jw marriott san antonio

Lantana Spa & Fitness Center

For over 500 years, Curanderos cared for the people along the Texas-Mexico border by understanding the curative properties of indigenous plants and herbs. They created a healing tradition that passed on knowledge from generation to generation. Through this deep understanding of how the earth was prolific in its restorative qualities, the Curanderos were looked upon by others as village healers.

Inspired by this rich past, the Spa will draw upon San Antonio’s history to create simple and timeless treatments which will leave guests feeling rooted in the folklore and romance of the Curandero’s power. These treatments will aid in healing both the body and mind so that a sense of place and time is achieved. Guests will be embraced by the bountiful healing culture that has surrounded the Texas Hill Country for centuries.

For Lantana Spa Reservations please call 210-276-2300.