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Making the PGA TOUR-life your own

Golf fans are among the world’s luckiest because with the TPC Network of Clubs, they’re able to experience their sport at a level that other major sports can’t even begin to touch.

Part of the PGA TOUR, the TPC Network was established to provide the ultimate host venues for TOUR events – with services and amenities that met the highest standards of professional golf. Not only do the principles of excellence apply to the TOUR professionals playing our courses, they also apply to our members and guests who enjoy every aspect of our clubs.

Across the country, TPC courses let golfers truly live the PGA TOUR life. Walking the same fairways as their heroes have done. Teeing off from the very spots where history has been made. And enjoying every club detail exactly as the pros do.


The PGA TOUR is synonymous the highest order of professional golf – and it’s among the most respected organizations in professional sports worldwide. As a subsidiary of the PGA TOUR, the TPC Network holds itself to these same standards of exceptional quality. It’s our mission to maintain the absolute best golf courses and facilities found anywhere – the ones that are most ideal to host PGA TOUR tournaments and events.

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TPC executives represent decades of rich experience in professional golf. We’re proud to introduce our organization’s leaders.

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As one of the most recognized and trusted brands in professional sports, the PGA TOUR prides itself on delivering superlative quality and integrity in everything we do. From creating exciting fan experiences during competition by the best players in the world and helping to perpetuate the rich traditions of the game of golf to generating millions of dollars in charitable donations, the PGA TOUR’s efforts are underscored by strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading corporations – all of whom share our high standards of excellence.

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Giving back to our communities has always been at the heart of the PGA TOUR and the TPC Network– coming to life through our charitable mission of “Together, Anything’s Possible.” In fact, the PGA TOUR founded the TPC Network with their philanthropic goals in mind. By providing rent-free tournament venues since 1980, the TPC has saved millions of dollars – funds that have been used to increase the TOUR’s charitable donations significantly.

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