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PGA TOUR Partners

Our Partners share a tradition of excellence

As one of the most recognized and trusted brands in professional sports, the PGA TOUR prides itself on delivering superlative quality and integrity in everything we do. From creating exciting fan experiences during competition by the best players in the world and helping to perpetuate the rich traditions of the game of golf to generating millions of dollars in charitable donations, the PGA TOUR’s efforts are underscored by strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading corporations – all of whom share our high standards of excellence.

The same high standards are embraced by the PGA TOUR’s TPC Network of clubs, where the PGA TOUR’s strategic marketing partners lend their support by creating unique opportunities for members and guests; providing operational and infrastructure support through products and services that enable the clubs to exceed quality and service benchmarks at every turn; and by facilitating partnerships that help TPCs bring to life the PGA TOUR’s “Together, anything’s possible” charitable mission.