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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is TPC Harding Park a private course?
    1. TPC Harding Park is a proud San Francisco municipal facility open daily to the public.


  1. May I purchase my SF Resident Golf Card at TPC Harding Park?
    1. You may do so in the golf shop Monday – Wednesday from:
      1. September through April, 3:30 PM to close
      2. May through August, 4:30 PM to close
    2. You may also apply through San Francisco Recreation and Park at any time. Click Here.


  1. What are the greens fees?
    1. TPC Harding Park uses on-demand flexible pricing with greens fee rates being determined by Residency category and demand. This program provides fair and equal access, offering the best rate possible based on real-time demands.  This benefits you, our golf lovers, who can select a price point and time that works best for you.


  1. How far in advance can I book a tee time?
    1. Individual tee times may be made up to 90 days in advance. Book now.


  1. Do I need to reserve a tee time?
    1. Tee times are highly recommended as TPC Harding Park is an in-demand facility. While walk-ons are welcomed, there are no guarantee that there will be a tee time available. Book now.


  1. What is the Cancellation Policy?
    1. There is no cancellation fee for tee times, but any advanced booking fees are non-refundable in the event of a no show, short show, or cancellation.


  1. Does the advanced booking apply to my greens fee price?
    1. The advanced booking fee is taken when the reservation is made, non-refundable, and not applicable to the greens fee.


  1. Can I book a golf outing or buddy trip of 16 players or more?
    1. Yes, for 16 golfers or more you may contact our Group Outing Sales Manager, Jeanne White: [email protected]


  1. How many courses are at TPC Harding Park?
    1. At TPC Harding Park there are two courses available for a total of 27 holes.
      1. Harding: Is our 18-hole golf course. Host of the 2020 PGA Championship as well as several PGA TOUR events.
      2. Fleming: Is our 9-hole golf course, uniquely in the middle of Harding.


  1. Is there a practice range?
    1. Yes, our cutting-edge new and improved driving range is now open…Powered by Toptracer. Download the app here and plan time to use the same technology as seen on the PGA TOUR!
    2. Our Toptracer Range opens at 6:30am every day except Mondays, which opens at 7:30am. The range closes 45 minutes before sunset.


  1. Are range balls included with the price of golf?
    1. No, range balls may be purchased with a credit card directly at the range or with cash in the Golf Shop. Toptracer technology is included FREE with purchase of range balls.


  1. Is it free to chip and/or putt at TPC Harding Park?
    1. It is FREE to use our short game area, but the main putting green is restricted to golfers playing the course that day.
    2. The short game area is closed routinely on Wednesdays to allow the turf time to recover. Golf Course Maintenance may also close the short game area in the winter months for an extended period to also allow for turf recovery.
    3. The main putting green is closed on Monday’s.


  1.   Are golf carts available?
    1. Golfers can rent carts for $25 per player.


  1. Are golf carts permitted to drive on the grass?
    1. In order to provide the best playing conditions, TPC Harding Park is cart path only at all times.
    2. Blue medical/disability flags may be given to golfers who provide a medical/disability placard to the golf shop. This will allow the cart to be driven on the grass.  NOTE: Blue flags will not be issued if the turf cannot sustain cart traffic or if there are safety concerns with driving on the grass.
    3. For safety purposes carts are not permitted in the parking lot. Additionally, carts are speed regulated near high traffic areas close to the clubhouse.


  1. Can a non-playing guest accompany me during the round?
    1. Yes, non-playing guests may accompany a guest for a $50 spectator fee and the spectator must take a golf cart. Juniors may have one adult chaperone follow along for free.


  1. Do you have caddies?
    1. Caddies are not permitted.  Juniors may have one adult chaperone assist.


  1. Are club rentals available?
    1. We have Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade rentals available.
      1. $75 for Harding
      2. $35 for Fleming


  1. Do you offer golf lessons?
    1. Golf lessons are available. Click here for our list of our instructors and their contact info.


  1. Can I ship my clubs to TPC Harding Park?
    1. Yes, golf clubs can be shipped to our location, any questions about package arrival please contact the golf shop.


  1. Are there dates that the courses are closed?
    1. The property is open 365 days per year, but each course will close for greens aerification.
    2. The property will be closed if conditions are unsafe to open to the public. (RE: major storm damage, flooding, high winds, or other phenomenon that presents a safety threat.)


  1. What time should I check in prior to my tee time?
    1. Check-in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time to ensure the group is on the 1st tee at least 10 minutes beforehand. Check-in earlier for enough time to try out our new Toptracer technology.


  1. Are restrooms available on the course?
    1. In addition to the Clubhouse, restrooms are located on:
      1. Harding- Holes 1, 5, 9, 10, 14 and Clubhouse
      2. Fleming- Holes 1,5 and Clubhouse


  1. Are drinking fountains available on the course?
    1. As the turf is irrigated with reclaimed water there is no potable water on the course.  We’re happy to top off any water bottle in the Clubhouse restaurant.


  1. Do you have food and beverage options available on the course?
    1. Yes, we have a full-service restaurant, a walk-up window for to go items and a beverage cart on the course daily. Click here to see our breakfast and lunch menu.


  1. On Tuesdays/Thursdays why do we start on the back?
    1. Ultimately this rotation helps to provide the best playing conditions without disruption. This rotation aids Golf Course Maintenance to be able to complete more time-consuming routine maintenance techniques without intruding upon or delaying golfers.


  1. Is there a place to put my belongings that are in my car?
    1. We encourage all guest to bring any valuables inside the clubhouse to be stored. San Francisco is experiencing vehicle break-ins, unfortunately the course parking lot isn’t immune. There is no charge to store items in the Clubhouse.


  1. Why do I hear gunfire while golfing?
    1. The SF Police Department shooting range is close enough that shooting can be heard.


  1. Why do I see walkers/joggers on #18 cart path?
    1. The cart path on #18 is part of a public hiking trail that loops around Lake Merced. This is the only part of the course where non-golfers are permitted to walk through the course.


  1. When does the aerification happen at TPC Harding Park?
    1. Aerification typically is scheduled for early April and early August every year but when planning your golf experience its best to contact the course just in case.